What others say about me…

Feedback from a Coaching Client:

As a coach Helen uses her extensive knowledge as a former assistant coupled with an ability to ask the right questions and give honest feedback that left me in no doubt about her passion for helping others in the profession.  Our coaching session helped to clarify things for me quickly in my career, boosted my confidence and allowed me to move forward. Helen is a highly respected professional in her field and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Dinah Liversidge, Independent Celebrant & Conversation Creator at Amethyst PA:

I have just returned from ExecSec Live in London, where I was lucky enough to hear Helen speaking. Helen is instantly credible; she walks her talk, and her reputation as a leader and influencer in her field is justified. Her presentation was captivating, thought provoking and filled with top tips from her own career. She was generous with her knowledge, adding true value to her audience. I left feeling I had re-connected with some critical aspects of my reasons for doing what I do, and motivated to start putting Helen’s ideas into practice.

Carol Lloyd, Executive Assistant:

Helen is an excellent example of resilience. I was lucky enough to experience Helen’s super presentation at #ExecSecLive Global where she talked to Executive Assistants about being a leader. Helen’s incorporation of her personal experiences brings the topic to life and reinforces the message. I look forward to my next opportunity to see Helen in action.

Astrid Karl, Executive Assistant:

I really enjoyed Helen’s presentation she recently gave at the Executive Secretary LIVE Global Conference about leadership. She clearly pointed out what an assistant needs to become a leader, while giving examples from her own successful career. This made her speech so authentic. She is really a role model for everyone in the assistant community. 

Amanda Bagga, Senior Executive Assistant:

I had the opportunity to attend Executive Secretary Live Global where Helen was one of the speakers. This is the second time I have heard Helen speak, she captivates her audience with her profound knowledge and years of experience. Helen is one of the best speakers out there. Her session was truly inspiring with lessons to learn on Resilience, Authenticity, Flexibility, Tenacity and values that are close to the heart. Helen is a true stalwart in her field and it is was an absolute pleasure to have attended her incredible session

Heli Puputti, EUMA (now IMA) Executive Chairman 2003-2007:

Helen’s enthusiasm and spiritual energy, her vision and conceptual thinking combined with her skills as coach and the way she handled the intercultural differences finding flexible solutions for the numerous problems that arise when running a membership-based international network such as EUMA, now International Management Assistants. All this contributed in a major way to the continuing success of the Association. We congratulate Helen on her leadership and all that she has achieved.

Diana Brandl, Founder – The Socialista Projects:

I have known Helen for many years now through our common engagement and commitment for IMA (International Management Assistants).  Helen was one of the first ones who welcomed me with open arms to IMA when I joined the association in 2006.  Ever since then she guided me with her experience and broad knowledge of our industry. Helen and I  also shared the stage an an international speaking engagement where her shared wisdom was greatly received by the delegates.

Participant at the Executive Secretary Update, Kuwait:

It has been one of most insightful trainings I have attended. Thank you for being so approachable and warm. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge and vast experience with us. Also, thank you for making it so personal.

Participant at the Executive Secretary Update, Kuwait:

Helen was amazing I couldn’t take my eyes off her while she was explaining the situations and issues that we all have in common.  She is engaging, wise and very experienced. Will attend again.