This is a cause very close to my heart. Firstly because IsiphoAdmin is all about my profession. Secondly because it’s helping young people and lastly because the Directors are three of my favourite people. Teri Wells Anel Martin and Lucy Brazier.

The first time I ever heard about Isipho was at Executive Secretary Live. Lucy Brazier showed the Isipho video and, like everyone in the room, I was moved to tears by what I saw and heard and of course, I donated straight away.

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

In my professional life, I have always focussed on encouraging assistants to follow training and work on their self development as there is so much available in the market for us in Europe, but when I saw what Isipho was offering that would change the lives of young people in South Africa who had almost no chance of an vocational education or a job, I was reminded of how lucky we are and how it’s our duty to help those who want to join our profession, but are prevented from doing so by their social and economic situation. Paying it forward means giving something back.

You can read the Isipho success stories, told by the students past and present, on the Isipho website or YouTube to hear about their amazing journeys. They have worked so hard to develop themselves, with ambition, drive and purpose against all the odds, sometimes without books, laptops, equipment, internet – all the things we take for granted. They are eloquent, humble and always, always want to give something back to their community, so what goes around comes around.

Join me in donating whatever you can spare – the cost of your weekly designer coffee goes a long way in South Africa, so go the the IsiphoAdmin page to see how you too can give something back.